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Africa’s top 10 corona-virus testing countries – 18 April 2020 (COVID-19)

Latest on Africa’s top 10 corona-virus (COVID-19) testing countries. South Africa leads with 108,021 COVID-19 tests followed by Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia & Morocco.

Africa has 20,270 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 1,025 corona-virus related deaths, and 4,700 deaths as at 18 April 2020

COVID-19 testing will help reduce the impact of the corona-virus by enabling

  • Treatment & isolation of those infected with COVID-19
  • Tracing & quarantining contacts
  • Efficient allocation of medical resources
  • Assessment of risk & development of interventions (lock-down, social distancing, socio-economic relief & aid)

It is important for countries to model worst-case scenarios and have enough ventilators, ICU beds, protective equipment for health workers & hospital beds to treat COVID-19 patients.

Types of COVID-19 tests

  •  Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test (Molecular tests): A throat cotton swab is tested for the presence of the virus’s genetic material. They can only diagnose current cases of COVID-19, not recoveries or past infections.
  • Serological tests: A blood sample is tested for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, they are very useful in detecting an infection with mild or no symptoms.
CountryCOVID-19 testsConfirmed casesRecoveriesDeathsPopulation
South Africa108,0213,0349035259,308,690

A standard for collecting COVID-19 testing country data

Countries should ensure that their COVID-19 testing data is comprehensive, detailed & up-to-date as outlined below

  • Dated data sets
  • Tests (positive, negative & pending)
  • Tests performed
  • People tested
  • Deaths
  • Regional data (province or state to district or city)
  • Demographic break-down (Age & gender)
  • Testing data source (Private, public or both)
  • Outline eligibility criteria for conducting tests
  • Hospitalized (current & cumulative)
  • ICU (current & cumulative)
  • On ventilator (current & cumulative)
  • Transmission type (local, foreign or unknown)
  • Isolated (current & cumulative)
  • Quarantined (current & cumulative)
  • Infections (active & recovered)

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