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Top 30 African Currencies

List of Africa’s 30 strongest currencies updated every week. The Povo News top 30 African currencies index uses the USD as the reference currency.

Top 30 African Currencies

RankCurrencyValue to USD $1
1Libyan Dinar1.40
2Zimbabwean RTGS Dollar2.5
3Tunisian Dina3.06
4Ghana Cedi5.23
5Moroccan Dirham9.53
6Botswanan Pula10.54
7Zambian Kwacha11.94
8Seychellois Rupee13.88
9South African Rand14.01
10Eritrean nakfa15
11Egyptian Pound17,54
12Ethiopian Birr28,45
13Mauritian Rupee34.23
14Sudanese pound47.61
15Gambian dalasi49.55
16Mozambican metical62.55
17Cape Verdean Escudo97.26
18Kenyan Shilling100.15
19Algerian Dinar118.64
20Liberian Dollar161.25
21Djiboutian Franc177.72
22Angolan Kwanza313.69
23Nigerian Naira363,04
24Central African CFA franc578.54
25West African CFA franc578.58
26Somali Shilling580
27Malawian Kwacha728.54
28Rwandan franc899.32
29Congolese Franc1631
30Burundian Franc1803
31Burundian Franc1825.50
32Tanzanian Shilling2344.70
33Malagasy Ariary3557
34Ugandan Shilling3670.30
35Sierra Leonean Leone47580
36Guinean Franc9225

*We did not include countries in the South African rand union i.e Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland & Namibia since their currencies are 1:1 with the South African rand

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