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Makhosi Khosa endorses 27-year-old daughter Zamasnama for MP with ADeC, a party she founded & resigned from

South African politician Makhosi Khoza endorsed her daughter Zamasnama Khoza as an MP candidate for the African Democratic Change (ADeC) on Wednesday, March 13.

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) Executive director founded ADeC after resigning from the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in 2018. Khoza later resigned from ADeC to join OUTA.

Zamasnama Khoza short biography

  • Born in 1992
  • Student Development Officer of the Wits Junction House Committee (2012-13)
  • BA at Wits University (2012-14)
  • Real Estate Agent at Property.CoZa (2017 – present)

Makhosi Khoza press statement

13 / 02 / 2019
Early last week, my 27-year-old, only daughter, Zamas’nama Khoza revealed that she is one of the Members of Parliament candidates for the African Democratic Change (ADeC).

Her motivation to participate in the political discourse though shook me at first, once I comprehended what she had said, gratification and delight replaced my fear and tears. Any good parent rejoices when her children make well thought through choices especially those that move beyond self but society at large.

Zama said, “Mama! I decided to follow your noble, courageous and giant footsteps. Admittedly, I am Zama with her own identity, I cannot deny the role you have played in influencing my choices in life. ADeC is an excellent political alternative for South Africans.

Notwithstanding the pain you had to endure, Moses Mayekiso, Nathaniel Bricknell and many other outstanding leaders of ADeC vowed not to let ADeC die.

ADeC remains a non-racial, non-sexist organization founded on your legacy of prudent principles and values against corruption and pursuit of a moral and ethical good society, that aims at ensuring there is shared prosperity in our country.

From you, Mama, I learnt that no mountain is too steep to climb. No season even when it is treasonous is not without reason…

My exposure to the property industry has made me realise that property ownership rights and relations can build or break our country.

As you know, I’m absolutely passionate about property development. Within this context, Mama, we need stronger voices of young people of all races, culture and diverse linguistic perspectives to participate in the decision-making processes of our very fragile democracy to safeguard our hard earned inclusive Constitutional democracy.

The fourth industrial revolution is disrupting every aspect of life. Therefore, young voices of reason with integrity do not only need to be heard, but they also have to be part of the process of rescuing our country from a near-failed state. It is not just about us but also future generations. South Africa is in pain. South Africa is bleeding, Mama!

Genuine Decolonization, Reconstruction and Reconciliation (DRR), elimination of poverty through a fulfilling, purposeful quality and decolonised education, effective mechanisms to deal with economic exclusion, social cohesion and electoral reforms to improve accountability are primary objectives of ADeC and constitutes its mission post-1994. There has been a mission vacuum in our land. A new and much harder struggle has begun, that of building a truly liberated society…

There can be no meaningful progress in our nation if we don’t avail our skills, knowledge and talents for the greater good. South African challenges require dynamic leadership that is not adversarial.

I believe I have a contribution to make within the leadership collective of ADeC to make South Africa and the African continent a warm home for all its inhabitants…. With your support, I have no doubt that I’ll make a meaningful contribution.”

The clarity of Zama’s thoughts and level of maturity made me reconsider my position on politics. As a retired politician, I soon realised that everything is political.

There can be no meaningful change in our country if our politics is left in the hands of severely compromised leaders that would trade principles for positions.,

No prosperity and social advancements are possible if we do not stick our necks out to correct the wrongs of society.

Having worked for OUTA, I know that civil society is often not heard. Some politicians are often hostile towards civil society formations.

We need a new breed of politicians that encourage responsible citizenry. We need politicians that do not only respect the rule of law but respect the people they ought to serve.

Within this context, I declare my unwavering support for my daughter Zama’s courageous stance and ADeC, the total liberation vehicle I help found but never saw it through.

I’m truly encouraged that South Africa still has millions of good men and women of substance to take our country forward. ADeC enriches the multi-party democracy in South Africa.

I have availed myself to train and coach any public official irrespective of ideological orientation or political affiliation.

I have written to ADeC to make my services available to them. Good Luck ADeC. May many South Africans consider you in the ballot on the 8 May 2019.

It is time for the younger generation with high moral stamina to take our country forward. I have just completed CAPS aligned bilingual textbooks from Grades R-12.

Hopefully, this will go a long way in developing our young people. A good education is a pillar of any society. It played a fundamental part in making me who I am today.

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