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Politics of Zimbabwe

An overview of Zimbabwe’s system of politics and government, from the founding fathers to the current ruling and main opposition political parties.

Zimbabwe Politics

  • Current President: Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa
  • Main opposition leader: Nelson Chamisa
  • Founding Prime Minister: Robert Gabriel Mugabe
  • Liberation party: Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF)
  • Ruling party: Zanu PF
  • Main opposition party: Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)
  • Other elected political parties: National Patriotic Front (NPF) and MDC-T (Thokozani Khupe)

Zimbabwe Executive branch of government

  • Head of State & Government: President (directly elected every 5 years)
  • Executive body: Cabinet (appointed by the president)
  • Election cycle: 5 years
  • Regional leaders: Provincial Ministers of State (appointed by the president)

Zimbabwe legislative branch of government

  • Type of legislature: Bicameral
  • Upper House: Senate: 80 (60 elected via proportional representation, 18 for traditional leaders & 2 for people with disabilities)
  • Lower House: National Assembly: 270 (210 directly elected and 60 for women elected via proportional representation)
  • Election cycle: 5 years

Zimbabwe judiciary

  • Highest court: Constitutional Court
  • Court of appeal: Supreme Court
  • The leader of Judiciary: Chief Justice Luke Malaba
  • Head of the National Prosecuting Authority: Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi

Zimbabwe Country profile

  • Independence: 18 April 1980
  • Area: 390,757 km2(150,872 sq mi)
  • Population:16 150 362 (2016 estimate)
  • Other: Currency: RTGS Dollar (ZWL), Time Zone: UCT+2, Driving side: Left, Calling code: +263, TLD: .zw
  • Administrative divisions: 10 provinces, 63 districts and 1 200 wards
  • Capital & largest city: Harare
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