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Worlds first certified armless pilot Jessica Cox uses her feet to fly planes

36-year-old Jessica Cox from Phoenix, Arizona became the first certified armless pilot for a single-engine plane and she says she hopes to inspire others with disabilities.

Cox was born with a rare condition that caused her to not develop her upper limbs in the womb, she uses her feet to do everything from playing the piano, driving a car and eating.

From a young age, Cox was incredibly active from taking tap dancing lessons to participating in Girl Scouts, though she often got stares and comments.

Cox began training in 2005, which took three years and involved plane with dual controls that Cox flew with one foot on the yoke and the other on the throttle

She became certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in October 2008 to fly the plane, which she does with one foot on the yoke and the other on the throttle.

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