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Ethiopia’s coup leader General Asamnew Tsige killed by security forces

The leader of Ethiopia”s failed June 22 coup attempt Brigadier General Asamnew Tsige was killed by security forces near the Amhara regions capital Bahir Dar. previously reported that Ethiopia’s army chief & 3 senior govt officials were killed during a coup attempt.

This was revealed by the prime minister’s press secretary, Negussu Tilahun, who declined to give any other details on Monday, June 24.

General Asaminew Tsige was released from prison last year by Prime Minister Ahmed after serving 9 years of a life sentence for attempting another coup and appointed to the position of Amhara region Security Chief.

The first attack in Bahir Dar happened while the Amhara regional government was holding a meeting to decide how to stop the open recruitment of militias by General Asaminew Tsige.

Last month General Asaminew Tsige appeared in a video shared on Facebook advising the Amhara people to arm themselves.

Asamnew Tsige
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